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Feel free to reach out to Thomas if you are interested in senior managment coaching or want to book him for a lecture.

    I am a Swedish behaviourist with a fascination for human communication and interaction. I am teaching and spreading self-awareness as one or the more important tools to build stronger relationships with everybody else. My firm belief is that we all can learn more about ourselves in order to function better with other people.

    I also feel very strongly that what is needed in the world today is more understanding and less conflict. If I could help achieving that in even a tiny little bit, I am a happy guy.

    In a way you could say that. I write books, create online courses, master classes and give lectures all over the world to spread what I believe is the best way to achieve success in life. I also mentor top executives and entrepreneurs all over Europe.

    One of my strongest beliefs is that everyone has the right – maybe even responsibility – to go look for his or her reason for existence. We are all here for a reason and the best way to build one’s capabilities and reach new and higher levels of understanding, of ways to contribute to society or to just make good in the world.

    As the term self-made man is a delusion begin with – no one makes it on her or his own – understanding how you can interact the best way with others will always be crucial to get the life you want. We all need other people. That’s just the way it is.