Surrounded by Energy Vampires

Identify the energy thieves around you and take control of your own well-being.

Surrounded by Energy Vampires

Everyone has encountered an energy thief at some point. Most often in the form of a person, but it can also be a situation or one’s own mindset. Suddenly all efforts are in vain. You become helplessly drained. But not anymore!

With Thomas Erikson’s simple theories, it becomes both easy to identify and neutralize the energy thieves. Comprehensible models, entertaining self-tests and high-recognition stories provide increased awareness of others, and yourself, so that you become better able to manage your own capacity.

Surrounded by Energy Thieves ties together all the previous books in the Surrounded by series by, among other things, identifying idiots, psychopaths, bad bosses, setbacks and narcissists as energy thieves and showing you how to beat them. It is a book that is aimed just as much at you who want to boost in your career as well as create harmony at home, and get the most out of life.

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This book will also be published with the following titles:
Surrounded by Vampires
Surrounded by Energy Thieves

Thomas EriksonBest-selling author

Best-selling author


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Omringd door energievreters

English (UK)

English (US)

Surrounded by Energy Vampires



Energiavarkaat ympärilläni : Näin tunnistat ja kesytät hankalat tyypit



Energiavámpírokkal körülvéve: Hogyan kezeld azokat az embereket, akiktől leginkább ordítani tudnál?



Otoczeni przez wampiry energetyczne



Omgiven av Energitjuvar

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