Surrounded by Narcissists

Surrounded by Narcissists is the fifth book by Thomas Erikson following the global success with Surrounded by Idiots, Surrounded by Psychopaths, Surrounded by Bad Bosses & Surrounded by Setback.

Thomas Erikson’s entertaining and spot-on descriptions of human behavior has made his books in the Surrounded by Idiots/ Psychopaths/ Bad Bosses series a global phenomenon and a bestselling success.

In this new book, he deepens our knowledge on narcissists’ extreme self-preoccupation and egoism.

How does one become a narcissist? How do you live with a narcissist? Are you a narcissist? How can you, based on your behavior profile, handle a narcissist when he or she shows up?

The book depicts narcissistic behaviors and points towards its consequences – for every single one of us and for society at large. Everyday narcissism seems to be widely spreading. Is there even a limit of how self-centered we can become before it becomes something bad? Is the individual norm leading us to destructive egoism?

Surrounded by narcissists

International editions

Surrounded by Narcissists is being published in the following languages.




Omringd Door Narcisten

English (UK)

Surrounded by Narcissists

English (US)

Surrounded by narcissists



Narsistit ympärilläni


Die Narzissten unter uns


Narcisztikusokkal körülvéve - Így kezeld az önimádókat!




Aplink Mane – Vien Tik Narcizai


Omgitt av narsissister



Obklopený narcistami


Omgiven av narcissister


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