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Thomas gives lectures in Swedish or English and he regularly speaks to both larger and smaller groups across Europe. He is diligently engaged, much based on that he knows how to capture his audience through the usage of real science balanced with lots of humor. The rate of cognition in his examples is by many audiences perceived as very high.

Surrounded by idiots? Here's how to get rid of them!

Have you ever tried to argue with your partner and nothing went as you planned? Or, in confusion left a meeting with the feeling that you did not understand anyone the room? And have you noticed that some people never seem to hear what you say – no matter how explicit you are? Sometimes it seems impossible to be thoroughly understood, and some people seem to almost misunderstand you on purpose.

With the help of behavioral science and the latest research you now can learn how to quickly and easily interpret the people in your closest environment and reduce the amount of misunderstandings.

Discover how to save time and headache by better understanding those you meet in your everyday life, while simultaneously expanding your self-awareness. And reduce the number of idiots around you.

The lecture can easily be adapted to specific needs such as leadership, sales, service, customer affairs, conflict management, etc.

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The lecture Surrounded by psychopaths - the ruler of the chaos

There are people with a hidden agenda, who are constantly looking for opportunities to get benefits at the expense of others. These are the manipulators who skillfully navigate by reading others weaknesses.

Through high self-awareness, you can actually protect yourself from being manipulated. And the worst manipulators are the psychopaths, who do not care for any means but to be the winners.

Learn with the help of behavioral science and the latest research how to quickly and easily read people in your environment and reduce the amount of misunderstandings.

Without empathy, without regret or sense of guilt, they take care of the smorgasbord of opportunities that we offer them.

Learn to recognize manipulative behaviors, and learn some simple tricks to protect yourself.

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Leadership – why it's still so hard being a manager

Everyone has opinions about their bosses. If the bosses are not absent then they are hanging over your shoulder and tries to micro manage you. If they are not too soft then they are far too demanding. Either they don’t know what you are involved in, or they are all too well aware of everything you do. Or do not do. And yet, most managers only want to do the best job possible. So why is it so hard to be a good boss?

Just about everything seems to be the most important task. And you can only accept the fact – it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you’ll never going to catch up.

Welcome to a refreshing aha experience that really challenges your view of leadership and the leadership role. Here you get the ideas you need to once and for all grasp the most important thing you have – your own development.

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