Red – the dominant

Have you ever met a person whose energy level both fascinated and scared you at the same time? Well, then you have met a red person. You sort of recognize them.

A common comment is that red people are very honest because they dare to tell the truth to people around them. If the rest of us don’t like it, that’s our problem.

People with a lot of red in their behavior are extroverted, task-oriented and enjoy challenges. They make quick decisions and are often comfortable taking risks.

If you need someone with extra energy, it can be good to invite a red person to the team or project group. Red people never sit still; they are often on their way somewhere. Undeterred, they push on while the rest of us gave up a long time ago.

Red people have no problem with ‘telling it like it is.’ They speak straight to the point about exactly what they think on a specific issue. They have no need to wrap things. When an opinion appears, the rest of us will know immediately.

If the task is important enough, the red person will go through fire and water to get it done. If she or he feels that it does not serve a purpose, it goes in the bin. An uninteresting or meaningless task can be completely ignored. We call the phenomenon wearing or slipping.

This is roughly the case with red people in general. They only have two modes. Off – or on. Quite often on, actually.

This is what others may experience red people as

If you ask people about red people, you might get a different picture. Many will agree with what you have read so far, but you will also get other comments.

Some will say that red people are impatient and bossy. They are also perceived as unyielding, belligerent, arrogant and egotistical. Not only that. Some would even say that they are controlling and above all aggressive.

Suddenly the image is not as flattering.

First, let me say this: none of the above is of much concern to the red person because he or she is more matter-oriented than relationship-oriented.

Or to put it bluntly: he doesn’t care what you think.

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How to meet a red person

By quickly identifying a red person, you will gain their respect much faster. It is crucial for future relationships to know how he or she wants to be treated. Never reverse. Then you will be overrun. Stand your ground and make sure you have your feet when you argue.Ow How

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