Surrounded by bad bosses

In Surrounded by bad bosses, you will learn how to deal with the most hopeless bosses you can imagine. Thomas Erikson, author of the success books Surrounded by idiots and surrounded by psychopaths, knows what he is talking about. He himself has been both manager and employee and in his role of leadership developer, he has met all types of managers.

Surrounded by Bad Bosses
Why good leadership is so rare

If your children doesn’t act as expected you can always change you tactics when it comes to their upbringing. If you have an acquaintance that turns out to be a real douche bag you can always leave that relationship. But if your boss is behaving unfair and coming up with unreasonable demands it’s suddenly not as simple to know what to do about it. We have all been there. It seems as if you and your boss are not from the same planet. And even if you personally haven’t had bad luck and ended up working for a boss from hell you might still have encountered a few unpleasant surprises while dealing with your boss. Perhaps you were trusted with big responsibilities but without any authorities? Maybe you and your boss have different personalities and work completely different from each other. And perhaps you suspect that your boss is a lost case. But there are solutions.

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Thomas EriksonBest-selling author

Best-selling author


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