The Surrounded by serie by author Thomas Erikson

Thomas Erikson is internationally renowned as the author of the bestselling series Surrounded by. The series has been translated into more than 55 languages and Surrounded by Idiots is one of the world’s most widely read books on human behavior.

For long, Thomas Erikson´s readers have asked for corresponding insights and knowledge about behavioral science in a more accessible and entertaining format. And now Thomas proudly introduces a fictional hero as an extension and complement to the Surrounded-by series. Welcome the Mentor series and the birth of a new genre, Smart Crime, where behavioral knowledge and personal guidance are intertwined with excitement.

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The Surrounded by Books serie

Some seriously state that they’re surrounded by idiots. Some, funnily enough, state this more often than others. And certainly we could find many different types of problem to get along.

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You have most probably run into this person: an exciting human being who is incredibly charismatic, nice and helpful. But what might seem too good to be true will most definitely be so…

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In Surrounded by Bad Bosses, you will learn how to deal with the most hopeless bosses you can imagine. Perhaps you suspect that your boss is a lost case. But there are solutions.

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This book is to show that life is as it is, and that it is useless to try to control everything that happens. Once the setbacks come, it’s important to know how to handle them.

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How does one become a narcissist? How do you live with a one? The book depicts narcissistic behaviors and points towards its consequences – for every single one of us and for society at large.

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Everyone has encountered an energy thief at some point. Most often in the form of a person, but it can also be a situation or one’s own mindset. You become helplessly drained. But not anymore!

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Studies suggest two people who have never met before will tell three lies within the first five minutes. Astounding. But why?

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