Surrounded by setbacks

Turning setbacks into success

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Sometimes you feel surrounded by setbacks. Big or small. Everything you touch falls apart. And each time you’re overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness. Surrounded by Setbacks is a book with a kind of depressing title – but it’s actually about how you can turn all of these supposed setbacks into real success.

The point of this book is to show that life is what it is, and it’s pointless to try to control everything that happens around you. And when setbacks pop up you’ve got to know how to handle them. Just like you need to keep garden weeds at bay in order to make room for beautiful flowers,  we all need to develop an approach for handling setbacks. And to get the chance to turn them into success. This book tells you how.

The book is currently being translated into several other languages.

Swedish publisher: Forum
Swedish release date: April 2020

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International editions

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