Green – the stable one

Need a friend in need? Find a green person as soon as possible. Here you get someone who will genuinely care about how you are doing.

If you want to win over a green person on your side, there is one thing above all that you need – patience. A green person does not appreciate being forced into quick decisions or having to accept sudden changes.

Just like yellows, greens are relationship people, and want things to feel good between you. This means that you should make time to socialize. Set aside some time for pleasant small talk. Ask about the children, the dog and the holiday. Don’t be in too much of a hurry, and don’t force your ideas on the green. Listen more than you talk. If you can get the other person talking, that is.

The Green DISC profile

How do I recognize a green person

Green people are kindness personified. As distinct relationship people, they will invest in your relationship for life. They will keep track of your birthday, your partner’s birthday, your children’s birthday, etc. Once you’ve become friends, it’s forever.

The greens are the best listeners. In addition, a green person will always be more interested in you than in himself. The team, the group, the family always come before the individual. They are very caring and are often found in professions where you care for others.

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How to meet a green person

Change is perhaps not their greatest strength, although it is not entirely foreign. If you can only motivate and have the time, even a green person can think about trying new things.
‘You know what you have but not what you get. It was better before. Can’t we do as we’ve always done? ‘ There you have it.

The solution is called step-by-step. Take one thing at a time and let the green get used to the change little by little. Accept that protests can be very quiet and may not be heard at all. Except when you left the room.

The key word is gradually.

You don’t always get to know what the green really thinks. He may well say yes but mean no. However, rarely the opposite. Often it has to do with the reluctance of the green to take conflicts. Only troublemakers do that.

Green people strive for common harmony, and then you sometimes have to keep quiet about what you think. Consequence? However, when the Green is in his element – with people he or she has unwavering confidence in – the truth comes out.

This is what others may experience green people as

It has been said that green people are complacent, stubborn, and disengaged. They are sometimes also considered to be indifferent, resigned, and unwilling to change. Besides this with the fear of conflict.

But what happens when the green one finds out about this? The risk of deep enmity is obvious. A green person does not forget a perceived injustice.

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