Blue – The compliant

The one who always seems to be so incomprehensibly well-informed and who in a gentle, almost unassuming voice announces how the facts really stand – he or she is our blue friend.

The tempo of a blue person is often lower than that of others. But at the same time, this is a very caring person, which means that when the job is done, it does not need to be redone. Nor is it possible to stress the blue with deadlines. They are above such things.

Blue people like to plan. A lot of energy can be spent trying to anticipate all possible scenarios. This of course means that it can be difficult to get started, but at the same time we know that if they start something, they will finish. Blue people also usually finish what they start. It will take a while, but they will be ready.

The Blue DISC profile

The blue controllers

If you need someone who constantly checks everything that everyone else has done, then you’ve come to the right person. Fact check? No problem, the blue person likes to search for facts. He or she simply feels better knowing that everything is controlled, and that all decisions have been made based on facts.

Not infrequently, a blue person will, without prompting, examine and check that everything is correct. It is in their nature to correct deviations.

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How do I meet a blue person

An easy way to win the blue person’s trust is to have double-checked their factual information. He himself has an excellent grasp of the details, and if you show that you are well prepared, you will get along well.

Invest in quality. The blue person will like that. He himself is very meticulous and does not accept carelessness. Nothing must go wrong.

Blue people generally have no problem speaking their mind. Having dissenting opinions is not something they are intimidated by. What they may have trouble with is coming up with what they think. There are so many options. On one hand. But on the other side. And so on.

Often the path to the solution is more interesting than the solution itself. This means that a blue person likes to avoid making up his mind. Getting to a solution fast or on deadline is not the most important aspect. Most important is not getting it wrong.

This is what others may experience blue people as

It happens that even the perfectionist blue individuals receive criticism. It can be that they are avoidant, defensive, perfectionistic, reserved, picky, fussy, hesitant, conservative, independent, questioning, suspicious, slow, and cold.

However, none of this worries the blue person significantly. He knows he’s right!

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