Surrounded by Psychopaths

You have most probably run into this person: an exciting human being who is incredibly charismatic, nice, charming and helpful. Who always has a compliment up his/her's sleeve. And who will be guaranteed to make you feel good. You will believe what you're told, even when it sounds fake - since it feels good. But what might seem too good to be true will most definitely be so...

International editions

Surrounded by psychopaths has been translated from Swedish to the following langagues.

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Chinese - Surrounded by Psychopaths

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Surrounded by Psychopaths (US edition)


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Aplink mane vien psichopatai


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Russian - Кругом одни психопаты





Spanish - Surrounded by Psychopaths


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How to avoid being exploited by others

The book reveals how a psychopath will use your weaknesses to exploit you as much as possible. It will help you find out what your personality trait is, red, yellow, green or blue according to the psychological DISC-method. You will be able to see through and stand up against the psychopaths advanced manipulation by becoming aware of how you work. What is perfectly clear is that some people have a personality that is exceptionally manipulative. They can convince anyone about anything. They enjoy controlling others. And they will not think twice about having to tell a lie or bend the truth in order to get what they want.

Of course everyone with psychopathic traits are naturally not psychopaths. And all psychopaths are not stark mad serial killers. Most of them actually live right among us. Unfortunately it has been revealed that there's a larger number of them than what we might have first thought, which means you are more likely to have met a few of them in your neighborhood, or at work or even within your family. It is time to once and for all find out how they exploit you - before it is too late!

Swedish publisher: Forum
Swedish release date: May 2017

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