Yellow – the influential

Yellow people’s creative thinking is not far behind their willingness to change. If something is new, it automatically becomes interesting to a yellow person.

You recognize a yellow person by the broad smile, the positive outlook and the ability to find solutions where others see problems. But – it has to feel right!

These are distinctly emotional people. It might be a good idea to adjust to his or her mood before you get down to business. Allow the yellow to be social for a while, and you will gain more time than you can imagine.

People with a lot of yellow in their behavior easily become so enthusiastic and excited that some may perceive them as shallow. They smile and laugh more than others. The optimism is unparalleled. Life is simply wonderful!

Like reds, yellows have a lot of energy. Everything new is interesting, and much of the energy goes into finding new ways to perform, for example, daily work tasks.

The Yellow DISC profile

The yellow relationship builders

Yellows are not shy but see most people they meet as nice people. Even strangers are something positive; just acquaintances that you haven’t really gotten to know yet.

Who has the longest contact list on their phone? The yellow ones. Most friends on Facebook? Yellow. Who gets the most Christmas cards? The yellow ones. They have friends everywhere, and they are great at keeping in touch to stay updated. The yellows want to know what’s going on. They want to be part of the action, and they will place themselves in it.

It’s probably as good to say as it is. Yellow people are great at starting new things, but possibly not as effective at getting things done. Some even claim that they never finish anything.

Actually, it’s logical. Once a task has become boring and mundane, it is quickly displaced by a new idea that has hatched. The solution is to supplement the yellow with someone else who is good at finishing projects.

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This is what others may experience yellow people as

Some perceive yellow people as selfish, shallow and overly confident. Some think they talk too much and listen too poorly. Add to that that they can be perceived as unfocused and careless.

How is this received? When the yellow person hears this, one of two things can happen.

Either he becomes distressed and sad, or he starts a violent argument. It actually depends quite a bit. It’s about how good you are at giving feedback.

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Take the 15-minute DISC test to better understand your personality type and behavioral style. The DISC assessment examines how an individual ranks in the four areas of behavior – Dominance, Influence, Stability and Compliance. Or, the four colours red, yellow, green and blue – if you prefer those.

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