After a seminar a middle-aged pair came up to me. They were friendly, sweet. One was extremely red, the other definitely green. And they told me nothing had worked for them. Conflicts, fights, misunderstandings. They had moved in together and separated, again and again. They had been to couples therapy with multiple psychologists, but the green partner in particular just felt worse after every session. ☹️ Then they read Surrounded By Idiots – the four types of human behavior. And suddenly they understood why they never got along. Green and red need to adapt to each other. But since they never understood what the problem was, they didn’t know how to solve it. Suddenly they could see the light. ? They came to my seminar to say thank you. Because my book has helped them. Because deep inside, they really do love each other. They know that they have to work on their relationship, that it’s not enough to read a book. But they had found the reason for the friction between them. The red partner said it was a relief to not feel like being wrong the whole time. If only someone had told them earlier… This is the kind of stories I live for. These examples make it all worth all the hard work. So thank you, RED and GREEN, for having the courage to share your story with me! ?