Mentor Mysteries by Thomas Erikson

WHO IS the mentor?

The protagonist and hero of the Mentor series is Thomas’s alter ego Joseph Carling, a professional specialist in behaviours, body language, micro expressions, motivational factors, suppression techniques, manipulation, and much more.

He travels the world helping top level managers of all kinds with his deep knowledge in human behaviour.

He is constantly helping as many people as he can with their struggles in life. He has assisted both high ranking CEO:s and national leaders during his career as a mentor.

Carling lives in a big old mansion from mid-18th century, a property that has been in the family for generations. His assistant is running it as Carling himself often is far, far away on a mission somewhere in the world.

Strangely enough, he suffers from social anxiety due to unclear events as a kid.

In the garage, his grandfather has left a vintage Jaguar that Carling plans to restore – but things always get in the way …

Carling is probably in his early 40s, slim, dark, calm body language, composed. Gentle, almost muffled voice. Dresses modestly but always elegantly.

He doesn’t like violence. He is an ambivert and relatively direct in his approach. His drivers are the desire to acquire knowledge and to live and work according to a specific value system. This sometimes makes him difficult to interpret to those around him.

Money doesn’t drive Carling, much due to the fact that he inherited large sums. However, he charges well for his services because he doesn’t like to be taken advantage of. He also has no real need to be in the spotlight

He is not conflict-avert but considers it a waste of time. He is interested in big politics and what drives social change. His firm belief is that what is the right thing to do will always be the right thing, even if no one sees it.

And, when Carling sees an opportunity to solve a mystery that includes the human mind and prevent problems – he can’t help himself from stepping in.

To be released later this year.