Too often we leave the development of our relationships – private or professional –  to unpredictability. A random book here, a random video there. That’s why you’re often frustrated – your relationships don’t go the way you want them to!

Because you’ve been in those situations. Sitting in a room full of people, thinking nobody seems to listen to you. Or maybe trying to make your partner understand you by but nothing works … Perhaps you have left a meeting with the feeling that you are surrounded by idiots …?

Maybe the problem isn’t all that complicated. Or permanent. With just a bit of training, you actually can improve the dialogue between you and most other people (it’s never everyone, right?) on a daily basis.

Lets’ face it: when things go sideways, it’s 90 per cent due to lousy communication. People just don’t listen. And sometimes you don’t listen. Or don’t know how to listen to certain people.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why Thomas created the Surrounded by idiots Online Academy.


The deepest way to learn, and the most long-lasting, is to go out in the world and try everything on everyone. The only challenge is, that it will require more than a lifetime to make all the mistakes by yourself. It will be useful and painful at the same time.

A better way is to use one of our online courses. They are built in a way that stimulates both your visual, audile and kinesthetic learning ability. It means that you at the same time can read, listen and try new things in here – at your own pace.

Because that is another fact. We learn in different ways. And you know best how you would like to do it. Here you can do it the way you prefer the most.


What we offer is what we believe is the best online courses for efficient daily communication. The courses are all based on The book Surrounded by Idiots but contains much more material than a book possibly can cover. They are very hands-on, with as little fluff and hot air as possible.

Take a look at each course below, to see which one suit your needs the best.


You can go back and repeat everything in any of the courses an infinite number of times (yes, after you have bought them, you OWN them. No subscription, no monthly cost; it is all yours). Why would you want to go back? Well, repetition is the mother of learning.

And we don’t want you to just take an online course. We want you to better learn how to deal with different people! And when you do, you will actually experience a physical satisfaction about your new skills.

After you have taken one of these online courses you will start to experience:

  • Less unnecessary conflicts
  • Fewer misunderstandings
  • No more useless mindreading attempts
  • A shorter way to ‘yes’
  • More efficient meetings
  • More free time in your calendar
  • Less time spent on numerous repetitions of obvious messages
  • Much lesser headache trying to wrap your head around why some people actually feel like idiots …
  • A new, inner calmness
  • And much, much more effects that you haven’t even thought of

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now, and get started with something that will transform your daily life immediately!

Said about the Online courses Surrounded by idiots:

“I’ve read the book and thought I had this down. Then I got the MEDIUM course as a gift, and I realized there is so much more to learn about this method of communication! Lots of more facts and details, and plenty of tools to test and see if I actually understand the method! Highly recommended!”

John Gospic

“I used the new insights while negotiating my new salary; I went from planning on asking my yellow manager for a 5 per cent raise to achieving 15 per cent – after just one hour into the MEDIUM course! I could not believe it!”

Frank Kiyosaki

“I bought the LARGE coursed to the whole team, and the discussions and development we’ve had afterwards are just mind-blowing. We were struggling a bit with internal conflicts before. The conflicts haven’t disappeared completely, but we now have powerful tool to deal with them. The hours saved by this are impossible to count.”

Christine Fox Cabane

“What I like the most with the online courses Surrounded by idiots, is that it has a great variety of content. Reading (which I like better that just watching videos one must pause all the time to take notes) and graphics. Many questionnaires too, to check every section separately. End videos, too. But not only.”

Benji Toll

“Here are the things I missed when reading the book. Deeper insights, more exact examples. I recommend the LARGE course to everyone who actually want to learn this the right way. So much valuable information and great points. I let my husband take the course as well, and we haven’t laughed about our differences like this ever before. And still – here are the tolls needed to understand them and use them best possible way!”

Greta Anderson

Want to buy a course to your whole team or a group of people? No problem! Click on the desired course and proceed further to checkout. Even if the quantity says 1 in the cart you can change the number of analysis in the next step. Click on “Proceed to Checkout“ where you can change from “individual registration“ to “group registration” and register up to 100 people in one purchase.